We welcome you to PetrographicMicroscopes where you can get the best information and details about different types of microscopes especially petrographic microscopes and polarizing microscopes. When mineral thin sections and ores are identified, they are viewed with the use of a polarized light microscope. There is a characteristic that exists where analysis and identification are allowed to be made underneath a cross polarized light condition.

A pair of polarizing filters are being put into similar optical path where they can be rotated to make their a 90 degrees plane of polarization. With this process, there is no light is allowed to pass. Nevertheless, the transmitted light within a polarizing microscope will show of characteristics that can be analyzed and measured. Optical mineralogy has something in common with the study of petrographic specimens. Geology students should be aware about mineral identification as well as the techniques used in optical mineralogy.

Petrographic microscopes well known as polarizing microscopes are the best tools used in geology especially in the study of minerals and rocks. You should consider the importance of deciding whether you want your  petrographic microscopes to have either a reflected polarized light or a transmitted polarized light. Reflected polarized light microscopes are also known as ore microscopes are tools that have the ability to view thick polished specimens of rock and mineral ore with the use of a cross polarized epi-illumination microscope. Among the most common petrographic microscopes are the ones with simple transmitted light wherein the plane polarized light is being transferred via the thin sections of rock and minerals which are then being pass through an analyzer, a second polarized light filter.

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